Billund Aquaculture is a Danish company located in Billund, Denmark. In addition we have a daughter  company in Puerto Montt in Chile (Billund Aquaculture Chile S.A.


​Billund Aquakulturservice A/S

Montanavej 2 DK-7190 Billund

​Tel: +45 7533 8720 Mail:

​Billund Aquaculture Chile S.A.

Bernardino 1057 Módulo 13 Flex Center
Puerto Montt-Chile

Tel: + 56 6523 4035 Mail:

Customized equipment-solution

  • Billund Aquaculture can supply you worldwide with the following equipment-solutions and recirculation systems which are designed and fabricated in our own work-shop.
  • Tanks and containers made in PE, stainless steel etc.
  • Trickling filters for de-gassing of carbon dioxide, nitrogen gas and for aerating. The filters can be built as an integrated part of a PE tank.
  • Oxygenation systems; oxygen cones with pumps, oxygen control box, oxygen electrode and pumps for “plug and play” solutions
  • Bottom cleaning devices for larvae rearing tanks
  • Mortality extractors in fish tanks for neither flow through systems or re-circulation systems
  • Complete solutions for treatment of water intake to fish farms including filtration for small particles, UV treatment.
  • Ozone treatment units
  • Effluent treatment systems, where solution will be based upon locale requirements and can include:
    • Lamella sedimentation systems
    • De-nitrification systems for removal of nitrate
    • Phosphor removal systems by pH regulation, addition of Aluminium sulphate, Ferro chloride, Polymer etc.
    • Sludge thickening systems for sludge handling up to 30% dry matter
  • Complete re-circulation systems integrated in 40” containers (plug & play solutions) for handling;
    • Broodstock management
    • Hatcheries
    • Water treatment systems
  • Trucks for fish transport including pumps, aeration and oxygen sensors
  • Complete solutions for feeding systems
  • Energy solutions
    • Complete solutions for heat pumps
    • Complete solutions for heat exchange
  • PLC control and surveillance systems
  • Central grading platforms
  • Central grading system

​Billund Aquakulturservice A/S • Montanavej 2 • DK-7190 Billund • Tel: +45 7533 8720 •  Mail: