Billund Aquaculture is a Danish company located in Billund, Denmark. In addition we have a daughter  company in Puerto Montt in Chile (Billund Aquaculture Chile S.A.


​Billund Aquakulturservice A/S

Montanavej 2 DK-7190 Billund

​Tel: +45 7533 8720 Mail:

​Billund Aquaculture Chile S.A.

Bernardino 1057 Módulo 13 Flex Center
Puerto Montt-Chile

Tel: + 56 6523 4035 Mail:

Your partner in recirculation systems for aquaculture​


​We can offer a wide range of services, from planning through to the finalized establishing of water treatment facilities.


Billund Aquaculture offers a complete range of equipment to run an efficient land based fish farm.​

Reference list

​Billund Aquaculture have completed many projects, in Denmark and abroad. Here you can see our many projects around the world.

​Billund Aquakulturservice A/S • Montanavej 2 • DK-7190 Billund • Tel: +45 7533 8720 •  Mail: