Billund Aquaculture is a Danish company located in Billund, Denmark. In addition we have two daughter companies in Puerto Montt in Chile (Billund Aquaculture Chile S.A.) and in Trondheim in Norway (Billund Aquaculture Norway AS).


​Billund Aquakulturservice A/S

Montanavej 2 DK-7190 Billund

​Tel: +45 7533 8720 Mail:

​Billund Aquaculture Chile S.A.

Bernardino 1057 Módulo 13 Flex Center
Puerto Montt-Chile

Tel: + 56 6523 4035 Mail:

Why choose Billund Aquaculture as your supplier for fish farms based upon recirculation techniques

  • The strength of Billund Aquaculture is largely built around a tremendous goodwill within the industry. We have a large and well documented reference list which document more than 27 years of experience in design, installations, operation and service of intensive re-circulation fish farms.
  • Billund Aquaculture has a huge experience within aquaculture and re-circulation techniques. This makes the customers perceive Billund Aquaculture as a company with great knowledge of rearing of fish.
  • Billund Aquaculture is known for its quality and ability to implement projects within the agreed price and time-schedule.
  • Billund Aquaculture has its own staff for implementing the project on site, not like many of our competitors which are hiring external companies.
  • Billund Aquaculture and our key players are known in the industry for stability and seriousness.
  • Billund Aquaculture products are of known brands and are tested and well proven which also ease the maintenance of the system.
  • The practical know-how of Billund Aquaculture has been obtained through own pro-duction facilities. In addition this also serves as test facilities to improve research and development.
  • Billund Aquaculture has wide international experience in trade with various countries and good knowledge about the market conditions which ease implementation of projects worldwide.
  • Billund Aquaculture has ability to build high trust relationships with customers, which often gives companies a good feeling during contract negotiations.
  • Billund Aquaculture gives 24 hours hot-line and ongoing know-how availability to all customers

​Billund Aquakulturservice A/S • Montanavej 2 • DK-7190 Billund • Tel: +45 7533 8720 •  Mail: