Billund Aquaculture is a Danish company located in Billund, Denmark. In addition we have two daughter companies in Puerto Montt in Chile (Billund Aquaculture Chile S.A.) and in Trondheim in Norway (Billund Aquaculture Norway AS).


​Billund Aquakulturservice A/S

Montanavej 2 DK-7190 Billund

​Tel: +45 7533 8720 Mail:

​Billund Aquaculture Chile S.A.

Bernardino 1057 Módulo 13 Flex Center
Puerto Montt-Chile

Tel: + 56 6523 4035 Mail:

Recirculation - Billund Aquakulturservice A/S

Recirculation - Advantages & Disadvantages​


  • ​Low water requirement - can utilize small water sources and/or be connected to the public water supply
  • The system can achieve optimal temperature and enables optimal and stable production all year round, independent of seasonal variation, this makes the production predictable for all 365 days
  • The required area for a given production is relative small, because a very high density and a high growth rate is possible in the controlled environment
  • Reduced risk of diseases, all incoming water is disinfected in addition to UV disinfection inside the farm
  • Optimal and stable production secure high and stable quality of the fish
  • Control and traceability
  • The incoming water can be treated to achieve the desired quality.
  • The effluent can be reduced to a minimum, and therefore be controlled.
  • Sludge from the system can be treated to produce an odour free fertiliser with desired dry matter content


  • ​The system is relatively advanced, and is dependent upon a regular power supply. It requires an emergency power generator and a security system which is in function at any time.
  • The system requires special competence and needs a highly qualified work force
  • The system is relatively expensive to set up, and requires a minimum production capacity for an economical operation. Can only be used for high valuable fish species with a relative high price.

​Billund Aquakulturservice A/S • Montanavej 2 • DK-7190 Billund • Tel: +45 7533 8720 •  Mail: